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Friendly note

Dear Players

Thanks for your support on WeiTable over the years. I am very happy it has been useful for everyone. There is a newer version called "CueTable" which is very powerful in many ways. I am certain you will find it even more useful in the same tradition of the older version.




Learning CueTable

The new 3C CueTable is located at http://cuetable.com/C/

you may use click on the followings to learn more about the software:

  • Video contains a few screen-captured videos showing you how CueTable software Works.
  • Howto is a detailed step by step tutorial explaining all details of CueTable software.
  • TechInfo contains the system requirement info and frequent asked questions.
  • Downloads contains some free gifts from us to help your improvements

Updated Advantages

URL ready Layout data

The table generates a url link so your audience can view the layout with a single mouse click.

build in screen capture function

There is a camera for taking snapshots, which is great for printing training notes.

full screen with high resolution graphics

All images and buttons have been recreated in raster graphic. You can adjust the viewing size simply by resizing the window.

multiple page memory

You can store more layouts onto several pages, which is great for comparing different positioning plans, creating a puzzle with solution pages, or illustrating a shot by shot story.

More cue ball controls

We have introduced a few more settings to show the cue ball english, cue elevation, stroke length, ball traveling distance, grip tightness and the object ball hit thickness/thinness, for people who are serious about fine details.

Post-It Text Notes

Mika said, "I want text!" Well he has certainly got lots of interesting things to say in any shots. We have programmed a new function for people to put up some sticky notes.

Prompting Message displays

A text feedback will show up to confirm whenever a function is used. Also, some instruction will be given for the next step. As you are drawing lines, a calculation of total line distance and last pivot angle will be given.

random ball position generator

A very fun thing to do. You can view a randomly-generated 8 ball or 9 ball layout and analyze a run-out plan or shot choices.

drawing Better lines

We have an intuitive line tool with built-in angle+distance calculator. With the same tool you can draw either lines or boxes for better illustration.

WeiTable compatible

Although this version of the program has been completely re-written with a newer text encoding method, we have included an engine to read old text strings from the original WeiTable, just in case you want to view an older layout from 5 years ago . Just paste the "Start(..." text string into the prompt window and hit PagePlay to view the layout.

Faster Performance

The program has been made in newer shockwave format, which is a widely available plug-in for most browsers on PC and Mac. This has improved the performance speed of the Table.







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